QUIN- Iceland.
(Icelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network)

QUIN-Iceland was founded on July 11th 2007. Our goal is to connect inventive women in Iceland and to cooperate with similar assocations globally :
- to make female inventors and innovators visible and noticeable to society
- to give female inventors and innovators contacts with other female in other countries
- to encourage women to develop their creativity and realize their ideas
- both social and technical ones
- for the benefit of society.

We will reach these goals by rewarding women for their invention and by taking part and planning exhibitions and conferences in Iceland and internationally.

Board members:
Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir, founder and chairman elinoras@gmail.com

Agustina Ingvarsdottir
Dorotea H.Sigurdardottir
Kolbrun Hjorleifs
Maria Ragnarsdottir
Svanborg R. Jonsdottir
Thuridur Gudmundsdottir.